Wednesday, November 30, 2016

there is a way


There is a way between voice and presence where information flows.

In disciplined silence it opens.

With wandering talk it closes.



Tuesday, November 29, 2016



It could happen any time, tornado,
earthquake, Armageddon. It could happen.
Or sunshine, love, salvation.

It could, you know. That's why we wake
and look out -- no guarantees
in this life.

But some bonuses, like morning,
like right now, like noon,
like evening.

–William Stafford




Start seeing everything as God,

But keep it a secret.



Monday, November 28, 2016

you are this


First find the immutable center where all movement takes birth. Just like a wheel turns round an axle, so must you be always at the axle in the center and not whirling at the periphery.


Running after saints is merely another game to play. Remember yourself instead and watch your daily life relentlessly. Be earnest, and you shall not fail to break the bonds of inattention and imagination.

–Nisargadatta Maharaj

wait - what?


A Messenger from the Horizon, excerpt


Pardon all runners,
All speechless, alien winds,
All mad waters.

Pardon their impulses,
Their wild attitudes,
Their young flights, their reticence.

When a message has no clothes on
How can it be spoken.

–Thomas Merton


Sunday, November 27, 2016

what the things can teach us


How surely gravity's law, strong as an ocean current,
takes hold of even the strongest thing and pulls it toward
the heart of the world.
Each thing - each stone, blossom, child - is held in place.
Only we, in our arrogance, push out beyond what we belong to
for some empty freedom.

If we surrendered to earth's intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.
Instead we entangle ourselves in knots of our own making
and struggle, lonely and confused.

So, like children, we begin again to learn from the things,
because they are in God's heart; they have never left him.
This is what the things can teach us:
to fall, patiently to trust our heaviness.

Even a bird must do that before he can fly.

–Rainer Maria Rilke
Anita Barrows/Joanna Macy translation


Saturday, November 26, 2016

not more than that


I was sad one day and went for a walk;
I sat in a field.
A rabbit noticed my condition and came near.

It often does not take more than that to help at times -
to just be close to creatures who
are so full of knowing,
so full of love
that they don't - chat,
they just gaze with their marvelous understanding.

–St. John of the Cross
Love Poems from God
Daniel Ladinsky


bliss is a thing


Bliss is a thing which is always there and is not something which comes and goes. That which comes and goes is a creation of the mind.

—Ramana Maharshi


Friday, November 25, 2016



the Earth would die If the sun stopped kissing her


What we speak
becomes the house
we live in.
Who will want
to sleep in your bed
if the roof leaks
right above it?

Fear is the
cheapest room
in the house,
I would like
to see you living
in better conditions.

There is only one reason
we have followed God
into this world:
to encourage laughter,
dance and love ....

God and I are rushing
from every corner of
needing to say
we are yours.

The sun never says
to the earth,
even after all this time
“you owe me”.

I once asked a bird
how is it that you
fly in this gravity
of darkness?
she responded,
love lifts me.

I should not make
any promises right now
but I know if you pray
somewhere in this world
something good
will happen.

Daniel Ladinsky and

Robert Bly translations


not to worry


Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you!





I wish that you may find patience enough in yourself to endure, and simplicity enough to believe; that you may acquire more and more confidence in that which is difficult, and in your solitude among others.

And for the rest, let life happen to you.

Believe me: life is right, in any case.

–Rainer Maria Rilke


Thursday, November 24, 2016



Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing.
In everything give thanks.

I am not all the way capable of so much, but those are the right instructions.

–Wendell Berry


blessings be


Thanks and blessings be
to the Sun and the Earth
for this bread and this wine,
this fruit, this meat, this salt,
this food;
thanks be and blessing to them
who prepare it, and who serve it;
thanks and blessings to them
who share it
(and also the absent and the dead).

Thanks and Blessing to them who bring it
(may they not want),
and to them who plant and tend it,
harvest and gather it
(may they not want);
thanks and blessing to them who work
and blessing to them who cannot;
may they not want - for their hunger
sours the wine and robs
the taste from the salt.

Thanks be for the sustenance and strength
for our dance and work of justice, and of peace.

–Rafael Jesus Gonzalez
In Praise of Fertile Land


Tuesday, November 22, 2016



‘What is grace?’ I asked God.

And He said,
‘All that happens.’

Then He added, when I looked perplexed,

‘Could not lovers
say that every moment in their Beloved’s arms
was grace?

Existence is my arms,
though I well understand how one can turn
away from

until the heart has

–St. John of the Cross
Love Poems from God
Daniel Ladinsky


note to self


No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.

–Stanisław Jerzy Lec/Voltaire?

dipper, Svend Erik Nørgaard



It is by God’s Grace that you think of God.

–Sri Ramana Maharshi




The Grace–Myself–might not obtain–

Confer upon My flower–

Refracted but a Countenance–

For I–inhabit Her–

–Emily Dickinson


Monday, November 21, 2016



Be a good animal, true to your instincts.

–D. H. Lawrence
The White Peacock




Love with no object.
There is a way of loving not attached to what is loved.
Observe how water is with the ground, always moving toward the ocean, though the ground tries to hold water’s foot and not let it go.
This is how we are with wine and beautiful food, wealth and power, or just a dry piece of bread: we want and we get drunk with wanting, then the headache and bitterness afterward.
Those prove that the attachment took hold and held you back. Now you proudly refuse help. “My love is pure. I have an intuitive union with God. I don’t need anyone to show me how to be free!”
This is not the case. A love with no object is a true love.
All else, shadow without substance.
Have you seen someone fall in love with his own shadow? That’s what we’ve done. Leave partial loves and find one that’s whole.
Where is someone who can do that? They’re so rare, those hearts that carry the blessing and lavish it over everything.
Hold out your beggar’s robe and accept their generosity. Anything not coming from that will damage the cloth, like a sharp stone tearing your sincerity.
Keep that intact, and use clarity; call it reason or discernment, you have within you a deciding force that knows what to receive, what to turn from.

Mathnawi III: 2248-80
Coleman Barks version


Sunday, November 20, 2016

being to timelessness as it's to time


being to timelessness as it's to time,
love did no more begin than love will end;
where nothing is to breathe to stroll to swim
love is the air the ocean and the land

(do lovers suffer?all divinities
proudly descending put on deathful flesh:
are lovers glad?only their smallest joy's
a universe emerging from a wish)

love is the voice under all silences,
the hope which has no opposite in fear;
the strength so strong mere force is feebleness:
the truth more first than sun more last than star

-do lovers love?why then to heaven with hell.
Whatever sages say and fools,all's well

–E. E. Cummings

'Exotic' - timothy allen:
'A couple in the central highlands of Papua, New Guinea share an intimate moment during a courtship ritual.'Runner up, National Geographic Best Travel Pictures of 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2016

the seed cracked open


It used to be
That when I would wake in the morning
I could with confidence say,
“What am ‘I’ going to
That was before the seed
Cracked open.
Now Hafiz is certain:
There are two of us housed
In this body,
Doing the shopping together in the market and
Tickling each other
While fixing the evening’s food.
Now when I awake
All the internal instruments play the same music:
“God, what love-mischief can 'We’ do
For the world

The Gift


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

i am


Because I am the first and the last
I am the venerated and the despised one
I am the prostitute and the saint.
I am the bride and the virgin.

I am the mother and the daughter,
I am my mother’s arms,
I am the sterile one, yet my children are numerous,
I am the married woman and the unmarried one,
I am She who gives birth and She who has never given birth,
I am the consolation for the pains of childbirth.

I am the bride and the groom,
And it was my man who nurtured my fertility.
I am my father’s Mother,
I am my husband’s sister.
And he is my rejected son.

Respect me always,
As I am the Scandalous and the Magnificent one.

–Gnostic texts
Found in 1947, Nag Hammadi, Egypt
Dated III-IV BC.


Monday, November 14, 2016

explain quantum mechanics in 5 words or less

Don’t look : waves.
Look : particles.

(an answer to a challenge asked by Sean Carroll on Twitter,
originally posed by physicist John Wheeler)


There is a lot to say about quantum mechanics, perhaps the most mysterious idea ever to be contemplated by human beings, but all we need is one simple (but hard to accept) fact: 

How the world appears when we look at it is very different from how it really is.

–Sean Carroll
The Particle at the End of the Universe -
The Hunt for the Higgs and the Discovery of a New World


Saturday, November 12, 2016



It must be obvious...that there is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure in a universe whose very nature is momentariness and fluidity.

—Alan Watts

resist not


Just turn away from all that occupies the mind;
do whatever work you have to complete,
avoid new obligations;
keep empty, keep available, but resist not what comes uninvited.

–Nisargadatta Maharaj


No Leaders, Please


invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
don't swim in the same slough.
invent yourself and then reinvent yourself
stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
change your tone and shape so often that they can
categorize you.

reinvigorate yourself and
accept what is
but only on the terms that you have invented
and reinvented.

be self-taught.

and reinvent your life because you must;
it is your life and
its history
and the present
belong only to

–Charles Bukowski


Friday, November 11, 2016

from 640


I could not die — with You —
For One must wait
To shut the Other’s Gaze down —
You — could not —

—Emily Dickinson


Wednesday, November 9, 2016



I want to let go -
so I don't give a damn about fine writing,
I'm rolling my sleeves up.
The dough's rising...
Oh what a shame
I can't bake cathedrals...
that sublimity of style
I've always yearned for...
Child of our time -
haven't you found the right shell for your soul?

Before I die I
bake a cathedral.

–Edith Södergran


Monday, November 7, 2016

the earthworm


Who really respects the earthworm,
the farmworker far under the grass in the soil.
He keeps the earth always changing.

He works entirely full of soil,
speechless with soil, and blind.
He is the underneath farmer, the underground one,
where the fields are getting on their harvest clothes.

Who really respects him,
this deep and calm earth-worker,
this deathless, gray, tiny farmer in the planet's soil.

–Harry Martinson
Robert Bly translation


Friday, November 4, 2016

an embarrassment


“Do you want to ask the blessing?”
“No. If you do, go ahead.”
He went ahead: his prayer dressed up
in Sunday clothes rose a few feet
and dropped with a soft thump.

If a lonely soul did ever cry out
in company its true outcry to God,
it would be as though at a sedate party
a man suddenly removed his clothes
and took his wife passionately into his arms.

–Wendell Berry


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

behind all words


Happy are those who know:
Behind all words, the Unsayable stands;
And from that source alone, the Infinite
Crosses over to gladness, and us -

Free of our bridges
Built with the stone of distinctions;
So that always, within each delight,
We gaze at what is purely single and joined.

–Rainer Maria Rilke